Posted in 2016

Catching errors

Sometimes happened that some rows could not be loaded and the application got an ORA-1, how can you find out what value it was, I know, it can be defined other way too, but I wanted it this way… I don’t remember even why I did it this way, this was in a time like my first year as a DBA, but it resolved the problem. And this is important… and I have to check it if it’s really working, but it should.. it’s enough to create a unique column and insert value 1 two times..

create table caught_errors (
  dt        date,               
  sid 		number

create or replace trigger catch_errors
   before insert on catchtab
   for each row
spid_val number ;   

execute immediate 'alter session set events ''10046 trace name context level 12, lifetime 1''';
select spid into spid_val from v$session s,v$process p where s.paddr=p.addr and audsid=userenv('sessionid') ;
insert into caught_errors values (sysdate,spid_val) ;



Database administrator who loves to work with Oracle software. (Sometimes not)

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