Posted in 2016

Migrating a Recovery Catalog is not easy with datapump

How to transfer data over network links:

connect sys@oemrepo as sysdba
create tablespace rcat datafile 1000m ;
create user rcat identified by xxx default tablespace rcat quota unlimited on rcat ;
grant recovery_catalog_owner to rcat ;
create public database link rcat connect to system identified by xxx using 'RCAT' ;

impdp job:
impdp rcat@oemrepo directory=dp_dir logfile=impdp.log network_link=RCAT table_exists_action=replace schemas=rcat flashback_time=systimestamp exclude=statistics

First problem:
ORA-39113 When Running A DataPump Job Through NETWORK_LINK (Doc ID 2100177.1)
– you have to create a public database link
Second problem:
ORA-39181: Only partial table data may be exported due to fine grain access control on “RCAT”.”BP”
. . imported “RCAT”.”BP” 565783 rows
– even when I grant grant exempt access policy to system ; it throws these errors
Third Problem:
There is a table with LONG column and that’s not supported by Oracle

Well, it looks like I have to read how to do it correctly because I become sad mad and I found this:



Database administrator who loves to work with Oracle software. (Sometimes not)

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