Posted in 2016

Dataguard Broker is not working correctly?

First configuration looked like this:

create configuration 'DGConfig' as primary database is orcl_site1 connect identifier is orcl_site1 ;
add database orcl_site2 as connect identifier is orcl_site2 ;
enable configuration ;

Everything finished successfully, show configuration showed nice output. BUT after a while it stopped to work, I got an error on the standby database. Nothing worked, I could not switchover to orcl_site2, but show database verbose orcl_site[1,2] gave good information, real time apply worked (tablespace created/dropped).

So I removed the configuration and added all 4 orcl_site[1,2] from the configuration between single quotes and now everything works.
Hm, interresting.



Database administrator who loves to work with Oracle software. (Sometimes not)

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